Cocktail Noodle Spring Rolls

Cocktail Noodle Rolls

Preparation time:            15 minutes
Servings:                             6-8 people

Cooking Time:                   10 minutes
Cocktail Noodle Rolls are easy to make and take very less preparation and cooking time. It is a very healthy and delicious recipe specially designed to make kids fall in love with the home made healthy food.  They will never say no to these yummy rolls and you will always see their lunch boxes empty.

Noodles                               1 packet (Chicken Flavor)
Egg                                        2(Hard boiled)
Green chilies                       2 chopped
Soya Sauce                          1 Tablespoon
Vinegar                                  2 Tablespoon
Samosa Sheets                  1 pack
Egg                                         1 beaten
Oil for frying                            as needed

·         Boil eggs and mash them
·         Boil noodles in 3 cups of water and drain the excess water
·         Mix together noodles, taste maker, boiled eggs, green chilies, soya sauce and vinegar nicely in a bowl.
·         On the samosa sheet, place 2 tablespoons mixture in the middle, roll it by spreading egg on ends to bind it tightly.
·         Deep fry the rolls and serve hot with tomato ketchup.

Nutritional Facts
Total Energy (Kcal):         111
Carbohydrates (g):          6.9
Protein (g):                        2.3
Fats (g):                             8.8

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