Earring Fashion Guide for Women

Pakistani women as like women of other parts of the world, also strive for having beautiful and impressive look. Jewelry is considered very helpful for female of every age to be successful in beautifying their look. Jewelry consists of a large number of items.  Earrings are one of the most famous parts of jewelry widely adopted as a fashion by women in all over the world.   Subrung, being a leading entertainment portal provides fun, entertainment and information for all of you to add more colors in your life. 

Selecting earring type, color and design is also very important to have a beautiful look because wearing any type of earring without checking whether it suits on your personality or not may look odd.  Here are some points of guideline regarding selection of earrings in a very simple way.  If you can understand the face structure and shape of your face properly, then it would be very easy for you to decide what type of earrings you should have. Let’s understand earrings selection on the basis of face shape and structure.    

Diamond shape Face:

Those who have diamond like shape of their face should wear short but wide style earrings. Using long and thing earring might give old look. For a diamond shaped face, a combination of curves or even a straight line shaped earrings are perfect.

Thin and long shape Face:

Women with thin and long shaped faces should avoid flat and hanging earrings rather use circular, triangle type or a square shaped earrings because it will give their face a better look.

Round shape Face:

Long and curved types of earrings are suggested to the women with round shaped face. Also keep in mind that tinny (small) earrings would give odd look.  

Cube and square shape Face:

For cube and square shape faces, circular or sharp edged (pointing) earrings would suite best.

Oval or egg-shaped Face:

Women with egg-shaped or oval face are lucky to wear any type earrings and it will suite on their face. But extra long or thin earrings should be avoided.

Heart shaped face structure:

Those women who have Heart-Shaped Face should wear such earrings which are narrow at the top and wide at bottom.  Besides this they may try some other styles of earrings like pyramid, and oval style also.

It should be also noted that, these are the guidelines, still if you try different earrings to check which one suite you best, it would be much better.  So, let’s stay connected with subrung and keep sharing much more about fashion.

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