Data Darbar

Data Darbar situated in the walled city Lahore, Punjab. It’s a house of Sufi saint Abdul Hassan Ali Hajvery known as Daata Ganj Baksh in the 11th century. The name means “the master who bestows treasures gifted by Allah”. It’s near the Bhati Gate and was built by the king “Ghaznavi” in the late 11th century. Data Darbar was visited by many Muslims and non-Muslims in the search of blessings from far of places every year. On special and religious occasions the tomb is decorated with lights and offer dinner to hundred of needy and visitor people.  Sufi music is played for hours on which many people dances. Quran is also recite on the boundaries of the place of worship and pays the tribute to Muhammad.Its frequently visited by many people who beliefs.  Our Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is also one of the frequent visitors.
Syed Ali bin Usman Al Hajveri was not a citizen of Lahore. He lived in Lahore for 34 years of his life. He discovers the spiritual exploration and started roaming all over the India and settle in multiple cities of the Suncontinent but after visiting all he chosen the Lahore as the final destination of his journey. During his life he attracted various non-Muslims to the spiritual path. He also contributes to the corpus of documented mystical thought known as Kashf-al-Mahjub.
It is visited by man and women in large numbers especially on Thursday. Its security measures are rising because of the treats by the Pakistan’s Taliban day by day. Its door is open throughout the years every hour for the public. And government is trying hard to protect the public by the effective and strict security, which is really difficult task but is executed by our police all the day.

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