Radio Channels Marconi (inventor of radio) has given mankind a great invention.  This invention (radio) not only became popular for the purpose of spreading news quickly but also held top position in the list of means of entertainment.  The basic features of radio, i.e. providing entertainment and information are named as “infotainment” now.  It’s low cost of production made it in the reach of every common man, it’s portability and simplicity lead recognition of radio at great level.

Rich or poor, literate or illiterate, male or female, young or old, who can claim to be left unaffected by radio?  It reached every corner of the world comfortably and now radio has become an industry.  A solid and unique medium of advertisement, a quick source of news and an ultimate resource of entertainment: radio is also available on internet now.

You, being the big fans of radio, can enjoy your work on computer without missing the radio craze. Subrug, a highly trusted place for having fun and entertainment is providing “Radio Chaska” (radio taste) to all the radio lovers.  Keep enjoying all of your favorite programs online with subrung live radio broadcasting of all times hit radio stations, without any interval. 

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