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Apna Karachi 107 Live Radio Stations

Apna Karachi 107 Live Radio Station is a Karachi based radio station and it has gotten fame so quickly.   Pop Pakistani music lovers are its big fans.  Period of its transmission is 24 hours a day, every day.  Listeners join it for full time fun and entertainment.   Being placed in the biggest city of Pakistan, Apna Karachi 107 radio has a large number of listeners.

“We are Apna Karachi aik sau saat.. Sub se alag…. Sub ke saath….” is the slogan of Apna Karachi 107 Live Radio.  Meaning of their slogan is that, we are Apna Karachi 107, we are different from all (other radios), we are will all.  Apna Karachi FM 107 is like a fresh breeze in the industry to provide state of the art programs, road shows discussions and all types of good music especially pop music.

For all the valued visitors of subrung, we are providing “Apna Karachi 107 Live FM Radio live broadcasting, live streaming” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whole year without any interval.  Now you can enjoy all sort of music, latest news online, always and don’t let your favorite programs to be missed.  All of your favorite Radio channels are with you, anytime, anywhere.  Subrung is your best choice for entertainment with all TV channels live streaming and all famous Radio stations live broadcasting and all that which you like for fun and entertainment.  So, let’s have fun and do comments and share your words of mouth to others because you may also show a new way of thinking to others.

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Sana Khan

Sana Khan

03-Dec-2015 01:08 AM
Dear Concerned,

Hope you are fine.
I was listening FM 107 on yesterday where I listened that Required 19 Minutes recording for audition objective, but I missed email address, Could you please send me the address and requirements? Thank you.


Sana Umar Khan

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