Food not to miss in Faisalabad

Just like Lahore, Faisalabad is another city which is famous for its lively food lover’s citizens. People who reside their love to eat out and you can find almost every sort of cuisine there. From the local street hawkers to the five star classy hotels, you will find everything related to food in Faisalabad. Here are some Faisalabad specialties related to dining and food. Any time you get a chance to visit Faisalabad, you must try these out.

Samosa is an all-time favorite food of Pakistanis. It is a famous snack that consists of a triangular crispy crust filled with vegetable, mince or meat. You can find it easily from all the cities of Pakistan. Traditionally it is served with variety of sauces and is counted as the best snack here. The samosas of Faisalabad are best in Pakistan. A place is dedicated to them, named Samosa chock. These samosas are different from any others because here you can get the unique variety of dips and sauces. The very famous name Chacha Samosay Wala is also in the D - Ground Market, Faisalabad.

2)Luxuries dining experience
Other than the local dahi bhallay and samosas, you will find a luxurious erotic dining experience in “Dynasty”, a classy restaurant located in Faisalabad. It offers the best service, live table serving, luxurious ambiance, great taste and hygienic food. It is a nice place to relax after a hard day for the business traveller or the casual tourist. Its cool ambiance makes up your mood for the rest of the invasion of city of Faisalabad. The menu is varied offering Chinese, Continental, Local Barbeque, Steaks and everything under the Sun. Favorite dish depends on your mood. It is best if you are travelling along someone special and want to make your meal a memorable one.

3)Morning Breakfast
If you are in Faisalabad and you missed the local breakfast near the clock tower, you really missed out something big. Clock tower is the center of attraction of the entire city; therefore it is surrounded all over by markets and food points. You will find many people serving breakfast at the clock tower but there is one that is the special. You can easily identify him as he is the only seen person on the public holiday i.e. on Friday.
If you visit the clock tower on Friday in the morning, you will see the entire market close and a person sitting there without a shop by setting up some tables and chairs in the street. This is the famous breakfast of Faisalabad and is considered to be extremely yummy. You must try out halwa poori that is served at its best. 

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