The Magical City of Lahore

The magical city of Lahore

The city of Lahore has always been the residence and choice of royal people. Since the ancient times, this city has never been ignored and counted as one of the richest in culture. The city today is the capital of Punjab and the second largest city of Pakistan. The beautiful city is rich in its traditions and cultures besides being the center of modernism and professionalism. People from different areas migrate here to start their career. you will find the largest international corporate sectors and offices here and see that how this city act as a lucky charm to those who want to flourish, groom and reach the heights of the success. Arfa Technology Park, situated in Lahore is one in its kind in entire ASIA.

Lahore is known as the city of gardens since long times. It has many gardens and parks built long ago in Mughal Empire. Quaid e azam library, situated inside Jinnah garden attracts international tourists and researchers. This small piece of land is blessed with a large number of religious and historical monuments. It is the city of the people who love freedom. There is no night in this city. You can smell the aroma of delicious food being served at midnight to the food lovers who after the hard work of entire day, sit together and cherish their moments.

The rapidly growing city has the best technology, education and transportation in the entire country. Metro bus, a recent initiative has given this city another matter to be proud has the biggest universities like Punjab University, airport, canals, shopping complexes, mosques, amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, libraries and much more that distinguish it.

As you enter it, the city welcomes you by densely populated markets, enlighten shrines, aroma of delicious food, hawkers, beautifully decorated and lighted canal running throughout the city, colorful flowers along the roads and bunches of people laughing and enjoying. People here are known by “zinda dilaan e Lahore “due to their lively nature. The worst about those who haven’t seen Lahore is very famous that states “you are not born if you haven’t been to Lahore”. The city is the matter of proud for its citizens and all others who come and see it.

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11-Nov-2013 10:26 PM
you have shared such a great content. highly appreciable.
nice to read about the Lahore and its lovely culture. i am expecting information about the tourist attractions of Lahore.

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