Patriata is also known as New Murree.  The name of Patriata is unknown before the independence of the Pakistan. Some tourist visits the place and is not familiar with the name of the place. They decided to ask the people living there. They saw one old lady and decided to ask the name of the place. The old lady did not know the English and didn’t understand what they are saying. The lady is carrying a flour on his head and she interpret that they are asking about that what is in pot, she replied them in Punjabi ”Puttar Atta” which means “son its flour”. They understand that Patriata which sounds like the Punjabi words Puttar atta.

Patriata is located 15 km south east of Murree hill and is a hill station. It comes under the Muree Tehsil which is a subdivision of Rawalpindi district. Its peak is almost 7500 feet above the sea level. The climate of thee hill station is cooler than the further south areas. The Pakistani introduces the chair lift and the cable car system to reach the highest peak of the hill and enjoy the weather there. The area is sounded by the forest and has many monkeys and leopards there.

It’s a most beautiful place and is a famous for the chair lift and cable car. The view of the Patriata is outstandingly marvelous review.

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