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Baby TV:

BabyTV is a television channel for toddlers, kids, and their parents as well. Baby TV was Launched in 2003. BabyTV is spread in more than 100 countries worldwide by means of more than 500 affiliates, and transmits in 18 different languages. In 2007 BabyTV joined part of (FIC) Fox International Channels and Paramount Pictures. Baby TV, beside with Fox Crime and FX was launched in India on March 25, 2009.
On October 1, 2012, BabyTV was launched via mio TV channel (in HDTV format). BabyTV is a maker of TV programs developed in a specialized format for kids, toddlers and their parents. Baby TV original program library, which is created in co-operation with childhood development experts and content experts, is made around nine key developmental themes. Baby TV develops specialized series of programs for kids.  “Hippa hippa hey, Animals Nursery Rhymes, Oliver, Small Talk, Activity Nursery Rhymes, Crystal Ball, BabyTV Clip, Paint Me A Story, Play Time, Sing With Numbers and Hungry Henry are some of the famous programs by BabyTV.

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