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Do you know “Azizi”?  A legendry character which represents common man of our country in a very simple and interesting style.  Famous Azizi fame program Hasab-e-Haal and so many other interesting programs are presented on a well known news channel which is called Dunya News.
Dunya News is another TV channel who has taken place as a news monster in the presence of many other channels.  Authenticity of news and rendering with no delay has brought it in the list of top ones.  Frequently available news updates, and finest journalists and news casters are two of the main reasons of immense public confidence on Dunya News.        
Some of the most popular programs on air on Dunya News are as following:
Policy Matters by Nasim Zehra, Police File by Musa Haider (famed S.P. Moosa), Cross Fire by Meher Bukhari, In Session, Nafaa Nuqsan by Anis Shiekh, Hasb-e-Haal (featuring Sohail Ahmed, Junaid Saleem, Najia baig) and News Watch by Javed Iqbal.
“Khabar ki Dunya” meaning of which is “World of News” is the slogan of Dunya News.  Dunya TV settled new trend of quick news updates by introducing “Dunya Taiz hai” style which was a quick news roundup consist of one minute segment, in the middle of every hour.
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