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Express News TV is 2nd most famous and biggest News TV channel, run and owned by “Daily Express” which is also holding 3rd largest Urdu News Network among the country.  It was launched on January 1, 2008, and it started attracting viewers at a large scale because of its news quality, unique presentation and more news breaks than any other news channel.  “Har Khabar Par Nazar” the meanings of which are “eye on every NEWS” is the slogan of Express News TV.
“Kal Tak” by Javed Chaudhry (a renowned columnist) is one of the most famous programs being on air on Express News TV.  There is a long series of other likable programs some of those include Siyasi log, Nazar, 24-Ghanty, E-Tech and “Wo Kya Hay?” etc.  “Darling” by Khalid abbass dar is also getting more and more fans continuously because of its comedy and interesting rendering.  Another colorful, funny but always having a message segment is “Banke miyan ki qawali” which stops the viewer to change channel by its variety of words.
Increasing fame of Express News channel has made it possible for this News channel to capture major advertisers and brands to have association.  Fastest growth in respective industry can be known by the fact that, over PKR 1 billion of business secured by Express news TV in just 4 months.
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