Are We Muslims?

When I look at myself, my behavior, analyze myself, my surroundings I wonder what type of humans we are???? We are everything but not true Muslims. We say our self Muslims just because we are born to Muslim families...????
All these thoughts force us to research and explore our religion and compare our self with what ALLAH wants us to be i.e. MOMIN

We know what Islam is. We have scholars around. We have mosques around. We are proud to be Muslims. We know what our obligations are. We know what ALLAH likes or dislikes. We wish to be blessed. We wish to be forgiven. Then why we are not true Muslims??? Why do we take our religion so light????Why we easily commit the things that we know that we are forbidden?? When I tried to search answers of these questions, I analyzed myself, my family, my friends and then the society and I reached to the following answers.


When a child opens his eyes, he sees his home, his family and that family and that environment becomes his protection. As he grows up, he observes his family, behavior of his parents, and starts to adjust in that environment by copying them. As it is said "mother is the first teacher of a child". She teaches her child how to eat, walk, and talk and everything. It is because of her that we are able to do many things. I felt really depressive to observe that a Muslim mother sings an English song for his child to make him sleep rather than reciting a neat or versus from Quran.
Door bell rings and child goes to the door when suddenly his father says “son, if someone asks about me, tell him that I am not at home". That child will learn how easy is lying...he will think that lying brings you a this what we are teaching to our young’s???

Why do we feel happy when our little children start recognizing shahrukh khan and salman khan but don’t even know that who is prophet and what’s our religion??? How can we expect our children to offer regular prayers when we are our self not offering??How can we expect our children to respect us when we don’t respect our elders in front of them???


We are living in a west oriented society. We feel proud being like them but why don’t we think that we are Muslims and they are non Muslims. They are our enemies and we are much superior to them. We change our self to look like them, to behave like them. But did they ever change?? Did any American Christian ever tried to wear hijaab when they visit any Islamic state? Then why do we change our self for them? Are we ashamed of our style?? Why don’t we depict our religion?? We say we are proud to be Muslims than why don’t we depict it???
I can see a young boy drinking wine and enjoying music whole night. He knows that what he is doing is wrong but still he is doing that and when he was asked the reason he said "I know I am a Muslim but you have to cope up with society in order to live happy"... I was shocked to hear that.

I can see a Muslim girl in short dress, short styled hair, uncovered body parts, and doing such things which traps the attraction of boys. She also knew that what she is doing is wrong but when she was asked the reason for that she replied “it looks cool". Why don’t we understand that we our spoiling our permanent world just to look cool in this temporary world. Alas.

Why that does happens that a girl in hijab or a boy having beard or cap on head are labeled as "paindu" or "conservative people"?? Why do we prefer modern people to be friends???


We are so much influenced by media that even if they are telling wrong about our religion we start believing it. We use media in wrong sense. We can watch star movies all night but can’t bare QTV or PEACE TV more than 10 minutes. Why?? We say we learn by media than why don’t we prefer learning Islam on media???


If we are told anything wrong about our friend, we don’t believe. We confirm it by too many other sources in order to take any decision. Then why don’t we practice the same in religion? If we are told something wrong about our religion, we don’t bother to confirm it, rather we spread that and we feel happy that we have done a good deed by spreading something good. ALLAH has clearly said in Quran that don’t take any decision if you have not confirmed any news than why we do so??

For e.g. if we study our religion we will get to know that DAJJAL will arrive before qayamat. we will also study that he will NOT born infect he will APPEAR. Then why many of us tell our friends that hey! Do you know? DAJJAL has been born in America. I saw the picture on Google!
Why don’t we search on Google that what our religion tells us. Our religion has already declared that what was the start and how is everything going to end? Then why are we still unaware?? Is it the lack of interest or research?


Why we can spend whole night in front of a TV or face book but not even 10 minutes in mosque? Why we can keep awake whole night whole day to talk to our friends and cant wake up for prayers? Why its houseful in cinemas at 2is but only one or two rows at fajar prayers? Why we only behave well in Ramadan?? Why we only do good to impress people not ALLAH?? Why we try to understand the lyrics of a song but not the translation of Quran?? It’s just the lack of passion for Islam.


We have to wake up. It’s now or never...this world is too short and we do not know when we are going to leave it. All we need is to BELIEVE. When we will start believing ALLAH we will try to do the things which he likes. We will mould our self into what he wants us to be.

When we will start believing prophets, we will try to follow them. We will study their teachings and consider them our role models. When we will start believing holy books, we will try to explore them, we will consider their contents to be true and we will start acting on them. When we will start believing angels, we will keep in mind that we are being watched by them and we will do everything very consciously.

When we will start believing the Day of Judgment we will be careful about our deeds. and will be afraid of facing ALLAH if we have done something wrong. That fear will make us move on a right path and make us ask forgiveness for our sins. I know we all know these things but just ask you heart do you really BELIEVE in these???? When you will truly BELIEVE you will become a momin...INSHALLAH!!

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