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Ten Sports:

Ten Sports (Taj Entertainment Network) is a Dubai based sport channel under Taj Television Limited extensively famous across sub-continent. TEN Sports is an Indian sports channel and it is owned and operated by Zee Network. Ten Sports broadcasts various sporting event including high profile events like cricket and football world cup, hockey league, Tennis grand slam, golf tour, WWE wrestling, racing and other from all over the world. For Pakistan & India there are different Ten Sports Live Tv Channels Ten Sports was launched on April 1, 2002, and soon after it started functioning Ten Sports became the world class Icon among sports channels especially for the South Asian region, reaching over 55 million homes across the Arabian world, Indo-Pak subcontinent and Southeast Asia. TEN Sports sister channel includes TEN Cricket which is a 24 hour dedicated Cricket Channel, TEN Action+ which is a 24 hour dedicated Football Channel and TEN Golf which is a 24 hour dedicated Golf Channel. Some of the famous sports for which Ten Sports presents cover are as following:
Motorsports, American football, Basketball, Cricket, Electronic sports, Football (Soccer), Field hockey, Golf, Rugby, Tennis, Professional wrestling.

Ten Sports (The TAJ TV Network) transmits three localized beams via the Intelsat 10 Satellite targeting Arab World, India and Pakistan and throughout the subcontinent (including Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and South-East Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Tonga).

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