Birthday SMS

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Sister,
We Are Sisters by Chance, Friends by Choice,
A Sister is a Little Piece of Childhood That can’t Ever be Lost,
Thanks for Being There For Me Through the Years,
A Sister is a Friend for Life.
I’m so Grateful that I Have You as a Sister.


Smile is a Curve That Sets
Everything Straight and Wipes Wrinkle Away
Hope u Share a Lots and Receive a Lots 4 Days 2 Come
Happy Birthday.


Dad :
Son, What Do You Want For Your Birthday?
Son :
Not Much Dad,
Just A Radio
With A Sports Car Around It…
Flying Papers,
Multi Colors of Balloon,
Delicated Blossom,
Fantastic People,
Love And Laughter.
What it Describes?
Happy Birthday.
Magar Aaj To Har Taraf Balaa Ka Sanaata Hai,
Puri Basti Ne Mere Janam Ke Saug Mein,
Apne Apne Gharon Mein Chiragha’n Nahin Kiya,
Har Taraf Holnaak Andhera Tha,
Is Andhere Mein,
Barish Ka Shor,
Pato’n Ki Khar’kharahat,
Hawaa Ki Siskiyaan,
Aur Bijli Ki Chamak Ne,
Mahol Ajeeb Daraawna Sa Bana Diya Tha,
Mera Dil Ghabraa Gaya,
Subah Ka Bhoola Tha Is Liye,
Shaam Ko Ghar Aa Gaya,
Happy Birthday.
For your Birthday…!!!
I Want To Wish You A Happy Happy
& Also Want You to Know That You are Loved By all of Your Friends.
Always Take Care.
GOD Bless You & ur Family.
Love You
Stealing The Blue From The Splashing Seas, A Tinge Of Green From The Youthful Trees,
A Bit Of Orange From The Sunset Hues, With Crystal White From The Morning Dews,
I Have Framed A Bright And Colorful Birthday Wish Just For You,
Happy Birthday..
Hamari To Dua Hai, Koi Gila Nahi…
Wo Ghulab Jo Aaj Tak Khila Nahi,
Aaj Ke Din Apko Wo Sab Kuch Mile,
Jo Aaj Tak Kisi Ko Kabhi Mila Nahi…
Happy Birthday.
Make a Wish On Birthday Make A Wish And Give It Wings
Brings of Bright and Beautiful Things.
Dance Through All The Fun Filled Our.
Share Some Love And Birthday Cake.. All Life Joys Are Yours To Take.
May This Birthday Be Your Best Birthday Ever,
Full of Light and Laughter,
A Fireworks Explosion of Joy.
May this Birthday Live in Your Memory Forever,
Creating Happiness and Satisfaction Whenever You Remember it.
Happy Birthday.
You Were Only Crying When You Were Born
While Everybody Was Laughing At You There
As You Live To Blow A Thousand Candles,
Live ur Life Humbly So That
You Would Be The One Laughing When U Die
And Everybody Else Would Be Crying.
Happy Birthday…

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