The Historical Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort is one the major historical places in Lahore that catches the attention of the visitors from all over the globe. Lahore Fort was built during the Mughal regime in the sub-continent. The infrastructure of the fort is quite unique and artistic in its nature and has the ability to fascinate the tourists. Everyday a large number of local and foreign tourists come to the Lahore Fort and enjoy the beauty of the mega structure of the Mughal Reign. The Lahore Fort has been preserved over the years in its original state to represent the excellence of architecture of the Mughal Reign.  For the people of Lahore, the Lahore Fort is more famously known as the Shahi-Qila. The Lahore Fort is located in the north western corner of the city of Lahore.

Important Facts about the Lahore Fort:

It took 49 years for the completion of the Lahore Fort. The mega structure was built in between 1556 and 1605. The Mughal Emperor Akbar started building it and then all the preceding emperors continued adding there in ideas to its architecture until it was completed. The Lahore Fort has two gates and both of them were built by two different emperors. One of the gates is known as the Alamgiri Gate and it was built by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir. The other gate is the Masiti gate also known as the Mosque gate. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar. For the entry in the marvelous fort, the Alamgiri gate is used nowadays.

Magnitude of the Lahore Fort:

The Lahore Fort is a mega structure and it covers great dimensions from all sides. The building of the Lahore fort covers an area of 20 Hectares.  This is a massive measurement for any existing fort. The mega structure of the Lahore Fort elaborates the art and conviction of the architects and laborers of that time to build an astonishing marvel capturing a gigantic area.

Major Attractions Inside the Lahore Fort:

The Lahore Fort has been declared as the World Heritage Site in the 1981 by UNESCO.  There are many attractions inside the Lahore Fort which have given it so much fame and popularity. The most significant attractions inside the Lahore Fort are the Sheesh Mehal, Moti Masjid and Naulakha Pavillion. The great walls of the Lahore Fort are spread all over the area that the Fort encompasses of. These walls add splendor and a mystic touch to the Lahore Fort. All the royal rooms which were used as comfort area by the Mughal Emperors are present inside the fort. All the rooms have awesome patterns of calligraphy on their walls and they are built with many expensive stones which are a landmark feature of the Lahore Fort. There are many gardens also present inside the Lahore Fort. The greenery of these gardens is enjoyed by all the visitors. There are also small cafes inside the fort giving the people a chance to refresh themselves with the fresh food.  Tourists come from all over the globe to witness this huge marvel of the world in form of Lahore Fort and enjoy themselves very much.

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